How to use SharePoint 2010

SharePoint 2010 Basics

With the introduction of SharePoint 2010, even SharePoint 2007 users will need some help with the improved and updated edition. The 2010 version of SharePoint is more powerful than 2007 and has new capabilities that makes it a self-contained application. The application enable document sharing, work flow creation, team website creation and much more. The advanced collaboration and search features added by Microsoft makes the portal suitable for both Internet and intranet websites and are explained at www.learnit.com/sharepoint. The familiar ribbon bar seen in most 2007 Microsoft application is also present in SharePoint 2010 and the application as a whole has been designed to be much more user friendly than the 2007 edition.

Key features in SharePoint 2010 include:

New user interface

Silverlight web parts

Rich Themes

Connectivity services

Multi-browser support

Service architecture

Visio services

Access services

Custom solutions with the Designer

Media Support

In order to take full advantage of all of the unique tools that SharePoint 2010 offers, many users should look into taking a training course through LearniT.com,… Continue reading

Erosion problems

Erosion is a major problem throughout the world that is often times hard to control, but not impossible. Soil erosion can be classified into many different categories, but is usually caused because of flooding, rain, wind, overgrazing, deforestation and much more. The truth is, many people are unaware of what they can do to help prevent erosion. We lose around 1 percent of our worlds topsoil per year and although it is a huge problem for farmers, it is also a big one for every day people. Here are the top ways you can help prevent and control soil erosion:

1. Plant Vegetation, shrubs, flowers, tress and more. Whether you do this in your backyard or volunteer to do it at a local farm, planting will cause the roots to hold the soil in its place. This way, it will not be washed away by rain or killed by wind.

2. Make windbreaks. Windbreaks are barriers that can be planted alongside land to make sure no strong wind ruins your soil or creates… Continue reading

Wasting Bags

People don’t always realize the impact that using plastic bags at the grocery store can have on the environment. Those who use a lot of these bags are wasting a lot of plastic and most of these bags are not biodegradable. This can be dangerous for the environment and it is very wasteful. There is a new craze of people being more environmentally conscious and using reusable bags. Getting a reusable shopping bag from iTySE is the best way to save the environment and be more responsible.

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This Guy Is ‘THE Griller’

A real ‘griller’ does not mind revealing a few of their secrets on grilling. Note: That’s how you can spot a real ‘griller’. The ‘griller’ will tell you how they marinated their ribs in a special sauce all night long so they could have that distinctive taste. Not only that, they will tell you that they taste so good, you do not need sauce or anything else on it. The ‘griller’ will go so far as to leaving the grill lit all night so the smoke can be ready for the next day. The ‘griller’ will also educate you on how to pick out good meat. By the way, real men burn the meat. If you don’t see any black on your meat; go kick the grill over and slap the guy on the grill, because he is not a ‘griller’.

As I write this, I’m realizing ypu cannot compare a guy that can grill and a guy that can barbecue. A ‘griller’ brags about his meat and a’cuer’ brags… Continue reading

All Men Can’t Barbecue

Let’s face it, all men cannot barbecue. For some odd reason every mans claim to fame is how the meat on their ribs just fall off the bone. Telling a ‘griller’ his ribs are not that tender or his steaks were not that juicy is pretty hard. Sometimes it has to be said. It is hard, but it is fair. Some ‘grillers’ need to stick to hot dogs and hamburgers and leave the ribs and other stuff for the real ‘grillers’. It is okay if you are just ‘hot dog man’. It does not make you any less of a man. Just know that to women, the ‘griller’ is sexy.

At every cookout you go to, you see a guy grilling the meat. Sometimes, the person grilling should not be. It’s probably his house and a guy will definitely not let another guy come over and grill on his grill. That is the same as allowing you to sleep with his wife–well maybe not that, but you understand. If a guy lets… Continue reading

Why do Gold Teeth Scare You?

Let me see your grill! 14kt baby baby!

Let me see your grill! 14kt baby baby!

What is it about gold teeth or “10 coin” that scare people? I know it’s another way to express one’s creativity but it can be a little intimidating. Okay, perhaps really intimidating. Are there just no limits on expressions anymore? How do these people work? What kind of jobs do they have? How do they eat? Look anytime I see someone with a pimped out set of teeth I instantly wonder if they are going to snatch my purse. I know that is so wrong but I cannot help it. I even hear having gold teeth is so serious that folk get dentures in order to get gold teeth!

What the hell is really going on?

Well the good thing is that at least she is gold outed from the teeth to the earrings. If you are going to do this, then do it right!