All Men Can’t Barbecue

Let’s face it, all men cannot barbecue. For some odd reason every mans claim to fame is how the meat on their ribs just fall off the bone. Telling a ‘griller’ his ribs are not that tender or his steaks were not that juicy is pretty hard. Sometimes it has to be said. It is hard, but it is fair. Some ‘grillers’ need to stick to hot dogs and hamburgers and leave the ribs and other stuff for the real ‘grillers’. It is okay if you are just ‘hot dog man’. It does not make you any less of a man. Just know that to women, the ‘griller’ is sexy.

At every cookout you go to, you see a guy grilling the meat. Sometimes, the person grilling should not be. It’s probably his house and a guy will definitely not let another guy come over and grill on his grill. That is the same as allowing you to sleep with his wife–well maybe not that, but you understand. If a guy lets another guy on his grill, he condones swinging. That’s another post altogether.
This guy Is ‘The Griller‘.

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